The Omniscope is a pinhole camera that produces anamorph images. An anamorph image is produced when the axis of the lens or pinhole is not perpendicular to the film plane. The axis of the Omniscope's pinhole is parallel to its film plane. This gives the camera a 360 degree cone shaped view. It produces very distorted panoramic images, which can be seen here. The following image shows the lenscap removed from the camera. The lenscap is also the shutter.

The camera comes apart in two halves. These halves slide apart to create a light labyrinth.
Once the camera is opened it is easier to understand the path the film is traveling through. The film starts on the right spool, it enters the film chamber cylinder and travels along the inside surface of the film chamber cylinder. The film is held on this surface by roller guides. The film exits the film chamber through the same opening it entered and rolls onto the left spool.

Features include:

-All metal construction

-Can be loaded outside the darkroom

-Two tripod mounts

-Produces four 2 1/4x7 inch images on 120 roll film

This camera can be purchased from the Pinhole Resource!